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Types of Periodontal Disease


This is a picture of healthy teeth, gum tissue and bone. The instrument is a periodontal probe and in healthy mouth it should only go 1-3mm (marks) between the tooth and gum tissue. Regular checkups with professional cleanings will help keep you in good oral health.


GINGIVITIS ( the first stage of Periodontal Disease)

This picture shows gingivitis-the early stage of periodontal disease. Notice the gum tissue is red and puffy around the teeth, and there is also plaque and tartar building up. There is no bone loss, yet. The probe measures 3-5 mm into the space between the teeth and gum tissue. Gingivitis can be reversed with proper treatment .


PERIODONTITIS (chronic and aggressive)

The plaque and calculus spreads down the root infecting the bone and the ligament holding the tooth into the jaw. This causes the gum tissue and bone to recede away from the tooth. The space between the tooth and the gum tissue measures more than 5 mm and traps food and more plaque. With proper treatment you can prevent further damage.



The infection has destroyed most of the bone around the tooth. The plaque and tartar has covered the tooth well below the gum tissue level and onto the roots of the teeth. As the gum tissue recedes even further, the teeth become loose and can shift causing your bite to change. The pocket between the tooth and the gum tissue is more than 8 mm. You are at great risk of losing your teeth.